Education Calendar for the Academic Year 2020-2021

I am very happy to tell all the students studying in Std. 12 that the Government of Gujarat is bringing for you a method of studying for free at home called online education. 
We are all aware of what online education is and how to get it. Now I want to show you in detail how to give your child great fun and attention through online education and how your children can get ahead with very good marks in board exams with this knowledge. Let me show you by writing an article below.
 We all know what is going on at the moment because we can't all get out of the house because of this virus due to the epidemic of the corona, how can we go to tuition, the best in the world of Gujarat by the Gujarat government to solve all these problems. Parents and childhood friends have a very humble appeal to you to take advantage of the new videos being made by the teachers every day as the teachers who made all these videos are very low qualified teachers and you can understand these teachers in very simple language. That way it will give a beautiful fun understanding of our Gujarati language.

Here is the information on how you can watch this video. To broadcast this video, the DD Girnar channel by the Gujarat government, as well as YouTube, is very useful. The name of the youtube channel is Gujarati class and DD Girnar is a free channel. This video has been aired daily. The timing of this daily broadcast is also given here. I will tell you in detail later on how you can watch standard videos at what time and at what time. Let us know how to watch videos from mobile and TV. Let's talk about it
 To watch videos from mobile-first you need to have an application on mobile which is called the Diksha application and the second application is called the youtube application. Speaking of application, this application has been developed by the Department of Education, Government of India. Through this application, children from all states of India can go online. You can get an education as well as watch important videos of the Gujarat government through youtube. You can also subscribe to the name of youtube channel Gujarati Class Channel so that you can get notifications of all subjects very quickly on your mobile and upload like every video. The same will be informed to you by notification. The peculiarity of this video is that this video has been made by all the expert teachers of the Gujarat government.

 This video is explained to you in very simple language and through this video, you are also given a lot of activities so that the children's attention. How do we know that knowledge through activity was our only project of the Gujarat government? Pragya we know and also knowledge through this activity. In this way you will get it only through this video, let me tell you, first of all, it is very important for us to subscribe to the youtube channel on our mobile. Subscribe to the channel, then here you can easily watch all the standard 12 videos on this same post every day. If you have read this post on our blog and you like it, you can definitely comment on us. Please visit all five of this blog every day to see the educational information. Thank you very much.

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