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Standard 10-12 Exam Date Changed

Important news has come for the students of standard 10 and 12. The process of filling up the form for board examination will start after landing. The form will be filled only 4 months before the board exam. Attempts are being made by the education department to hold the exams on time as the Koro crisis is raging across the state.

The standard 10-12 board exam will be held in the month of May

The education department is ready for the standard 10 and 12 board exams. According to the information received, the examination form will be filled after Uttarayan and the examination will be held in the month of May. An exercise is being conducted to ensure that the board exams are held on time. Special efforts are being made to ensure compliance with the schedule set by the Department of Education. The education department has already started working to ensure that there is no loss in the board exams.

All examinations of Saurashtra University scheduled for December 1 have been canceled

Changed the time of teachers in schools

All examinations of Saurashtra University scheduled for December 1 have been canceled Important news has come for the students of Saurashtra University. All the exams to be taken by Saurashtra University on December 1 have been postponed. The decision has been taken by Saurashtra University in the wake of increasing Koro transition in Saurashtra Panth. Importantly, Saurashtra University had more than 52,000 students to sit for the exam. However, new dates will be announced after December 15.




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Changed the time of teachers in schools The timing of teachers in schools has changed. Secondary and higher secondary school teachers will be present from 7.30 am to 12 noon. The decision will remain in force until the actual attendance of the students is approved. Some schools had teachers present at noon.

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