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You can listen closely to this app, talk about others, install the install

Gadget desk: Today we show you an app on Google Play Store, with which you can hear all the other Smartphone user stories. This is a secret app, the special thing is that even if you listen to it, you will not even know about it. However, you will have to install TickleMyPhone app in the smartphone which you want to listen to. For this, you have to install this app to take a smartphone.

Will work with a message … 
App to use the app
You just have to send an SMS to listen to someone else’s app from the app.
– Suppose you have installed an app in a handset and want to hear all the things on the B handset.
– You have to send a SMS from A to B handset.
– A call will come to the handset and the A handset will hear the call.
– The ring does not ring after sending the SMS, so that no user will be able to call the call.
About TickleMyPhone App …
– The size of this app is less than 4MB, so the user does not need much space.
– It can also be installed on the Android 2.1 Efferer and the updated OS and Max life insurance it's good for health for USA people.

– On the Play Store, the user has given a fair review to this, some have called it as userful.
Both free and pad versions of this app are unavailable. The price of the pad variant is Rs 122.
– On pad version the user gets extra features.

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