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Google Server Down and Service disruption: Google's worldwide service crashes; Users cannot access Gmail-YouTube

Google, one of the world's largest tech companies, has had several services down. Mostly this problem is coming on Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube. As a result, users are facing a lot of difficulties. Various services of Google, including Gmail, YouTube, and Google search, have disrupted the service for users. DownDector detects outage. About 9,000 cases of users having problems accessing YouTube have been found in DownDector. This is the case with Gmail and YouTube.

Gmail has over 180 million users worldwide. They have a 43% market share of email services in 2020. While 27 percent of people email by phone. More than 75 percent of people use a phone to access email. In the year 2020, 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day.

At around 5:20 pm, an error page appeared on several services, including Google's Gmail service and Hangouts. The same situation has been seen on YouTube.

"Many of our users are having problems with the service, which we are aware of. Our team is working to resolve this issue and will be updating soon," the message said on social media.

Accredited Online Colleges

Find a trustworthy and flexible online learning option that works best for you using U.S. News rankings, data and expert advice.

By U.S. News Staff 


During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online courses are no longer just an option for many students – they have become a requirement. Many undergraduate and graduate programs are shifting to a fully or partially online format for fall semester classes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among students, faculty and staff. 

Mesothelioma claims that go to trial may award anywhere from $50 Million to no money at all, depending on what the judge and jury decide.

Student reactions to these changes have varied. In US Suvey conducted by the higher education research and marketing agency SimpsonScarborough, only 17% of returning students wanted to take all classes in person this fall. At the same time, 41% preferred to take a mix of online and in-person classes on campus, and 30% wanted to stay home and complete all of their courses online. That last figure was higher among incoming freshmen, at 39%.

Web-based education had already been gaining momentum in higher education. Nearly 3.3 million higher education students enrolled exclusively in distance education programs in fall 2018. Whether a student is just starting a degree program or switched to online learning due to these unprecedented circumstances, online colleges can provide the flexibility to study from anywhere. Students with family responsibilities or full-time jobs may also be able to work around their own schedules.

While online learning may ease health and safety concerns, this format has still presented students with. Those accustomed to face-to-face learning, and perhaps daily life on a physical campus, will need to adjust to the lack of in-person interaction. All online students, but especially those balancing additional responsibilities at home, need to practice strong time management and overcome distractions in their environment. 

Prospective students considering an online degree and current online students should remember that student support is typically available at accredited institutions to help them adjust to online courses and plan their academic futures in uncertain times.

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