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The state government has decided to stop offline education in schools and colleges till April 10. This means that only online education will be continued in the schools and colleges of 8 metros.

  • The offline exam will be postponed tomorrow.
  • The decision was taken in view of the growing number of Corona cases in the state
  • Offline and online will remain the same in all schools except 8 Municipal Corporations.
  • School-college exams postponed till April 10
  • This decision will only apply to metros
  • Offline education will be closed in all metropolitan schools.
  • Online education will continue until April 10
  • 8 Examinations postponed in the university in the corporation
  • PG practical examination will be taken
  • Education will continue as per the previous rule in all places except 8 metros.
  • In secondary and higher secondary education will also be closed in the corporation.
  • Online education of students living in hostels will continue.
  • The decision will be taken in view of the situation ahead in the new examination program.

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